Thesis_Displacement without Placement. Street Prostitution’s Deracination from Gentrifying Neighbourhoods. Adela Petrovic

We are happy to present a master thesis of Adela Petrovic who studied displacement of prostitution in two gentrifying neighborhoods of Brussels and Budapest.


Street prostitution is usually a priority for displacement from gentrifying neighbourhoods. Focusing on Alhambra neighbourhood in Brussels and Józsefváros in Budapest, this research delineates the measures taken by local governments, police and other local actors to displace street prostitution. The research aims at identifying those measures, reflecting upon their implications and investigating the outcomes of the same. Simultaneously, changes in the urban landscape and regulations aimed at displacing prostitution, as well as changes in the landscape of street prostitution, are documented and mapped. Noting these processes and occurrences, I conclude by elaborating on recommendations collected throughout the research that address the local government.

Supervisor: Yvonne Franz
Second reader: Marta Dominguez Perez
Date of submission: September 1, 2018
Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Urban Studies [4 CITIES] 2016-2018