Cartoon_How to Design a Fair Shared City? in Russian and Kazakh language


On April 26 2019 in Almaty, Urban Forum Kazakhstan introduced the translation of the Kazakh language into the book "How to Design a Fair Shared City?" and met with the editor of the book.

The work of the Czechoslovakia based urbanist Milota Sidorova is based on comic-book stories following needs of diverse city's inhabitants that are not always taken into account when designing streets and sites in the city. Urban Forum Kazakhstan has invited Milota to launch the book that was translated into Kazakh (by Erter Orazay) to Kazakhstan to introduce also her works and perspectives on public space to local readers. Presentation of this book was organized by WPS Prague and Almaty's Landstudio Architecture Bureau.

You can download cartoon in Kazakh here:

Meanwhile the cartoon has been translated also to Russian language by Heinrich Boll Stiftung Russia. You can download free copy here: