Lecture_Fair Shared Cities: Gender Mainstreaming Towards More Equitable Cities

Where and why women do not feel safe after dark? How difficult can become a normal transition of the road for the elderly? The lecture is devoted to the idea of the city, which is fair for all: this idea brings together visible examples from more than 60 pilot projects of various scale, aimed at improving the quality of life of marginalized groups in Vienna. We'll talk about the different awareness of the urban environment of users, their needs, and, as a result, the implementation of this knowledge in decision-making. 

The public space should be true for everyone. But if we are, how we use it? Studies show that women - these are the main users of public spaces, but the transformation of their needs (as well as other groups of needs) into concrete action was ignored as part of the professional knowledge and decision-making. Vienna has become a leader in gender mainstreaming - gender agenda that seeks to balance between men and women, found expression in reports and applied over the last 25 years of political measures, as well as in numerous studies that track the needs of different user groups. 

Lecture by Milota Sidorova, WPS Prague for Minsk Urban Platform, Minsk, June 2016