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Municipal Summit_Warsaw: Fearless Cities

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We are inviting you to the Central European Fearless Cities Municipalist Summit. We are meeting in Warsaw, to discuss the most pressing issues that our cities have in common. We will put the focus on actionable skills, workshops and learning form the experience of the greatest municipalist doers.

We want to dedicate our conference to the unique position out central European cites are in. We want to empower the activist, share actionable knowledge, that we accumulated as Miasto Jest Nasze over 5 years of successful impact on Polish legislative and regional governments. We very much stand for the democratic, inclusive principles of Fearless Cities and we want to preach them in our region and see them popularized.

We were amazed by the energy and connection the 2017 edition started, and we feel there is tremendous potential to push the municipalist agenda forward in our region. Why is that? Our Cities are much different, because of the transformation form central planning to the free market society. We have special challenges, different aspirations yet similar solutions. We are very happy that municipalism thrives in Poland and Central Europe and we see why - while often the development of our cities is still conforming to the Detroit concept the inhabitants know and feel this is not the way.

Municipalism will only succeed if the our ideas will go beyond EU boarder. We are reaching out to our fellow municipalists in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Balkans, Etc. We are determined to expand the amount of liberty! In our opinion civil society foundations are crucial to the development of spreading the values we all stand for.

If the tickets are too expensive, but you still would like to participate please contact us at and request a code for a free ticket. We will see what we can do ;)

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